Telematics - Providing proof of driving behaviour

One of the most important challenges insurance companies such as MORE TH>N and parent company RSA face is knowing if you're a safe driver and giving you a quote based on your typical behaviour. Modern technology could have the solution and could provide cheaper quotes, especially for younger drivers.

Currently, insurance companies have had to group people in order to provide you with a car insurance quote.

As pointed out in one of our earlier stories explaining insurance groups, we look at various potential risks and make an assessment based on a number of criteria. One of these is your age.

Young Drivers

Typically, younger drivers are less safe on the roads than older, more experienced, motorists.

Therefore our risk profiles of 17-25 year old drivers are pretty high, so drivers who fall into this category are likely to pay more for their car insurance. 

Some insurance companies have tried to lower this risk by putting curfews on younger drivers in an attempt to get the drivers they insure off the roads at typically dangerous times, other companies impose mileage restrictions.

Both of these options are a bitter pill to swallow for drivers who are relishing the independence that being able to drive offers.

Black Box

Help is at hand. MORE TH>N's parent company RSA have teamed up with ingenie Insurance who offer a clever, modern solution to this problem.

By using feedback data from a small, black box device installed in the car, driving style is analysed. Factors such as how hard you're accelerating, braking, cornering etc. is collected, this is then used to assess how safe your driving is.

This information is then passed to a panel of insurers (Ageas and RSA) who can then price the risk more fairly, possibly adjusting the premium every three months based on the data supplied by the in-car "Black Box".

Not only that, your driving data is also accessible via iPhone and Android smartphone apps which can educate drivers on how to drive more safely. 

But why read more about it when you can watch Gary Lineker explain it:

Gary Lineker introduces ingenie

ingenie only offer insurance for 17-25 year old drivers but the technology could prove useful to make all drivers safer when behind the wheel. 

Mark Christer, RSA’s MD Personal Lines Director, said: 

“It’s important to us and ingenie that young drivers can afford insurance and are safe on the roads. Their track record of a strong management team, the extensive research that went into developing the technology and their refreshing approach to engaging with young drivers and parents made them an obvious choice to team up with.”

To find out more about ingenie or to get a quote visit the ingenie - black box car insurance for young drivers website

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