How to stay chilled when it’s hot outside

We've some tips to help you keep your cool this summer, whether you have two legs or four legs, and whether you’re at home or travelling.

At Home

Of course there are some obvious methods to keep the heat down, such as electric fans and taking cool showers. But here’s a few tips you might not have thought of:

1. Keep windows and curtains shut

Keep your curtains or blinds closed during sunshine hours on the sunny side of your home. If the air outside is warmer than the air inside keep the windows closed unless there’s a cool breeze.

You can create a breeze by opening a window on either side of the room, or with sash windows by opening both the bottom and top.

The best time to open windows is at night when the outside air cools.

2. Chill your bed

We have hot-water bottles so why not use a cold-water bottle before you go to bed ?

If it’s really hot cool your sheets with a quick spell in the fridge before bedtime. And opt for thin sheets...satin or silk feels coolest. 

3. Switch off

Keep lights, computers and other appliances off as much as possible, they generate heat, and if possible avoid using hair-dryers...embrace the frizz! 

In The Car

If you’re planning any journey in the hot weather, there’s far more you can do to keep chilled than just relying on the air con.

1. Carry water

On any journey make sure you have ample water in the car with you. If you have children or pets take more, you never know when you might be stuck in traffic miles from civilisation! 

2. Park carefully

Chose a shady spot under trees to keep your car as cool as possible. For days when you must park in full sun a reflective windscreen shield and window blinds will help to keep the sun out of the car.

3. Cover your seats

Cover leather seats with a towel to prevent scorching your bottom and back when you get into your car! 

Keeping Pets Cool

It’s not just us humans that suffer when the temperature rises. Our four-legged friends need help cooling down sometimes.

Here’s what you can do to help pets in general: 

1. Let sleeping cats lie

Cats will often choose cold floor surfaces to sleep on, so if they’re sprawled in the middle of the kitchen on the tiles, they’re not doing it just to get in your way! 

2. Stay inside

It’s tempting to let dogs run around outside all day when the weather is nice but they can overheat, particularly in the midday sun.

Avoid walking them between 12 and 3 and don’t let them stay exposed for long periods of time. Also ensure that ‘inside’ isn't a room such as a conservatory or a warm car, we all know how hot they can become in the sunshine. 

3. Hydration

Like us, pets need plenty of extra water when it’s hot. Keep an eye on your pet, as thirsty dogs will drink anything they find lying around! 

4. Stay aware

Symptoms of heatstroke include heavy panting; profuse salivation; a rapid pulse; red gums or tongue; lethargy; lack of coordination; reluctance or inability to rise after collapsing; vomiting; diarrhoea; and in extreme cases a loss of consciousness. 

If you’re worried you should call a vet. If you’re a MORE THAN customer don’t forget you have access to our freephone advice line, vetfone at any time of the day or night on 0800 072 8190.

Originally posted on 02/08/2014.

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