Spruce up your car this spring

Our poor cars, we put them in the frontline all winter long and they deserve a little TLC after being exposed to the elements of winter. Here are six easy tips to make your car shine in no time.

Before starting a spring clean it’s a good idea to have all the supplies you need to hand which will save you running back and forth for things.

Why not ask your family to join in, they probably contributed to the mess in the first place and may be motivated to keep it clean by helping. 

Once you’ve rallied the troops (or decide to go it alone) follow these 6 easy and inexpensive tips to get your car sparkling and keep it that way.

Don’t judge your car by its current cover

At the car wash

An at home car wash is good clean fun. On the next sunny day get out the hose or a watering can, buckets, sponges and microfibre cloths and soap up your car.

According to experts you should clean your tyres first, use shampoo made specifically for cars (not washing up liquid), park the car in a shady spot to prevent spots and have two buckets (one with soap and one to rinse the cloths into).

Wax on, wax off

While modern car paints are much better than they once were, the top coat is exposed to a lot of environmental abuse which over time can cause your car’s surface to become hazy.

A coat of wax will bring back the shine and will also protect it from the elements.

Mirror, mirror on your car

Don’t forget to wash your mirrors and windows. Having a clear line of sight is crucial for safe driving.

A mixture of two parts water and one part white vinegar prevents streaks, plus it’s inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

It’s what’s on the inside that matters too

Wondrous wipes

Baby wipes, they’re not just for babies anymore, it turns out they’re great for cleaning your car too.

Keep a pack in your glove box and use them to clean dust off dashboards, centre consoles, and easily wipe away little footprints or spilt food and drink from your seats.

Suck it up

Vacuuming your car seems an obvious tip but don’t just leave it at the carpets. Use your machine’s brush attachment to suck dust out of vents and to get the grime that collects between seats.

While you’re at it, move the seats forward and backwards to get any hidden dirt. If there’s a peculiar odour, bicarbonate of soda works wonders to neutralise bad smells – simply shake some on the rugs, let it sit for a few minutes and then vacuum it up.

Five pence well spent

Slip the handles of a carrier bag over the headrest to hang from the back of the passenger seat as a collection point for rubbish. Your car will be neater and at the end of the week it’s easy to dispose of and replace with a clean bag.

While cleaning your car is a bit of a chore, we hope these simple tips will inspire you to keep your car clean and tidy.

Plus when you turn up the radio and head out for a drive on a sunny day, you may just have some fun!

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