Watch out, there's a pothole about

It can’t have escaped your notice that British roads have a pothole epidemic at the moment. As bad as the potholes may be, there is something you can do about it.

Potholes, potholes, everywhere. The freezing cold winter and continuous wet weather have played havoc with British roads. This extreme weather has broken up roads across the UK and left many driving surfaces perilous.

How to report a pothole on a local road

If there are potholes where you live, you can do something about them. Local authorities, otherwise known as local councils, are responsible for maintaining the local roads.

You can contact your local authority and report a pothole.

You may be able to report a pothole online, or alternatively call up and report it. Start by going to your local authority website.

The website is a useful starting point to find your local council website.

How to report a pothole on a major road

The national Highways Agency is responsible for maintaining major trunk roads ('A' roads) and motorways.

To contact the Highways Agency to report a pothole that is causing a road safety issue, you can:

Claims for pothole damage

It is also possible to file a claim against the Highways Agency for damage caused to your vehicle by a pothole on roads maintained by them.

Find out how to claim for pothole damage.

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