One millionth uninsured car seized

Uninsured drivers can cause havoc on the roads, but a recently relaunched campaign by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is looking to fight back against motorists who take to the road without car insurance.
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Since 2005, when it became legal to seize an uninsured car, one million cars have been seized by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) and the police, because their owners didn't have car insurance. This equates to an average of 500 cars seized by the MIB every day across the UK.

Why are uninsured drivers a problem?

Car insurance gives you the protection that, in the event of an accident, you are protected against potentially costly medical or legal bills. However, if you're hit by an uninsured driver, you don't have this protection. Car insurance is therefore compulsory in the UK.

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB)

If you are hit by an uninsured driver, you may need the services of the MIB, as they can provide compensation to innocent victims of collisions with drivers without car insurance. The way that the MIB catch uninsured drivers is by using automatic numberplate recognition software. The numberplates are compared against the MIB database of uninsured drivers. If there is a match, the police can then legally confiscate the car.

Uninsured driver fines

The costs of crashes by uninsured drivers contributes to increasing the premiums of other, more responsible drivers. The average fine for driving without car insurance is just £200, considerably less than the costs of a policy, a large factor in why most people driving without insurance are young people, particularly young men. James Dalton, head of motor insurance at the Association of British Insurers, said: "Reducing the menace of uninsured driving remains a priority for insurers. As well as being a danger on the roads, the cost of crashes caused by uninsured drivers pushes up the insurance premiums of honest motorists”. With over one million uninsured cars now off the roads, hopefully the MIB campaign will start to help rid the UK of the potential danger of uninsured drivers.

Is your car insured?

To check whether your vehicle is on the Motor Insurance Databdase (MID), go to the MID website.
(Orignially posted on 28/09/2012)

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