Tips on driving in stormy weather

Driving in stormy weather and high winds can potentially be very dangerous, so we’ve put together some help and top tips on how to prepare for driving in storms and strong winds.

Is your journey really necessary?

If there is a storm approaching, think about whether your journey is really necessary. Listen to news bulletins and weather reports to see what the travel advice is. If roads are closed and police advice is to stay at home, think twice about heading out.

Sudden gusts of wind

If the wind is particularly strong, reduce your speed. This will give you more time to take evasive action if strong gusts affect your driving and allow you to brake more efficiently. 

If you are driving in an exposed area that is less built up, you’re more likely to be affected by wind, so think about sticking to main roads or built up areas.

Allow for other road users

Being hit by the wind can mean your vehicle is pushed off course. Pay extra attention to other road users, such as cyclists, and pedestrians. If you are driving a lighter vehicle such as a motorcycle, think twice about driving as you are more likely to be knocked off your bike by the wind.

Keep your distance

Storms and strong winds can affect road handling conditions. Reduce your speed and allow extra time for braking, as your vehicle may not behave as you expect it to.

Keep your eyes peeled

Storms can mean that debris is blown into your path. Keep your eyes peeled for road debris such as tree branches.


Increased surface water can increase the risk of aquaplaning. This is when you apply the brakes and your vehicle carries on moving. Reduce your speed and keep an eye out for excess surface water and slow down.

Storm help and claims

If you’re affected by storms and high winds and need some help and advice on making a claim, we are here to help, 24 hours a day. MORE TH>N Claims Helplines are available 24 hours for customers. Before you make claim, please make sure you have your policy schedule and as many details of the damage as possible to hand, as these will speed up your claim.

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