The dangers lurking in your car

There are many dangers facing drivers on the roads today, but have you ever considered the dangers that could be lurking inside your car as well?
You may not have thought about it before, but there are many things that can distract you from driving safely that may seem to be perfectly safe.

The most dangerous items in your car

Coffee cups, dogs and discarded shoes have been identified as three of the most dangerous things to have in a car, and one in three motorists have had a crash or a near miss because of having these things in their car.

That’s according to new research from MORE TH>N, which has revealed how objects in the car have been responsible for over 13 million scrapes or near misses on Britain’s roads.

The research was carried out by One Poll in November 2012 on behalf of MORE TH>N and 2,000 British motorists were surveyed. 

The top three most dangerous items in your car

  1. Empty drinks containers rolling underneath pedals (18 per cent of incidents)
  2. Inappropriate footwear (16.5 per cent of incidents)
  3. Dogs clambering onto laps and seeking attention (12.5 per cent of incidents)

The cost of distracted driving

On average, accidents will cause £261.47 worth of damage.

Drivers in London are most at risk, with 49 per cent of Londoners quizzed admitting to having had a scrape or near miss.

Men Vs Women

While men are responsible for a greater number of incidents reported, women are certainly doing their part too.

The survey found that 44 per cent of women claimed that wearing high heels behind the wheel had prevented them from using the pedals correctly.

Commenting on the research, Janet Connor, [former] Managing Director at MORE TH>N, said: "The potential dangers and distractions outside of the car are well known, but as the evidence suggests, those within the car are often forgotten. It’s not always possible to control what happens on the road but it’s clear that motorists can go some way in making the roads safer by paying closer attention to the hazards in their vehicles. By keeping pedals clear of any obstacles, securing pets safely, and keeping cars clean, drivers can help limit the potential damage caused while driving.”

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