Road signs: Test yourself

The kids may have gone back to school, but how about you, back to driving school anyone?

In March 2014 we carried out a national survey to find out whether drivers actually understood some common road signs, and more importantly, adhered to them.

When we discovered that 34% of people failed to recognise the National Speed Limit sign and that one in seven people even mistook the ‘slippery road’ sign to mean ‘paint on the road’, it got us thinking about whether any of us would pass our driving theory tests if we had to take them today.

Here are some common road signs to test your knowledge, how many can you get right without scrolling down to the answers?!

8 road signs

So, let’s see how you got on....did you make it into the fast-moving traffic or are you still stuck in the junction box?

1. Side winds

2. No Waiting

3. No overtaking

4. One-way traffic

5. Route to be used by pedal cycles only

6. Give priority to vehicles from the opposite direction

7. No vehicles carrying explosives

8. Symbols showing diversion route for motorway and other main road traffic

If you got less than four correct, step off that accelerator pedal right now and get back to the classroom!

You can swot up on road signs (as well as road markings and the rules of the road) at the Highway Code section of, and if you want to test your road sense further, why not take a practice theory test here.

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