Autonomous Emergency Braking: What it means for drivers

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) has been one of the most significant developments in vehicle technology in recent times. Not only is it revolutionising road safety – reducing low speed accidents by around 20%* – but it can also mean cheaper car insurance for drivers too.

What is Autonomous Emergency Braking?

Accidents happen for many reasons and sometimes our reactions to situations on the road aren’t quite good enough.

That’s where Autonomous Emergency Braking comes in. AEB monitors the road ahead for potential hazards using innovative sensor technology and automatically brakes the car if the driver fails to respond to an emergency situation.

According to data by Thatcham Research, the technology is most effective when drivers are doing less than 25mph, which is when more than 75% of accidents happen.

Forecasts by Thatcham estimate that if an incentive scheme were combined with a regulation requiring mandatory AEB fitment on new cars by 2020 in the UK, then in the period of 2015 to 2025, a whopping 750,000 damage claims and over 19,000 deaths and serious injuries could be avoided.

Peter Shaw, CEO of Thatcham Research, said: “We believe these braking systems will soon be considered just as essential as airbags and seatbelts for car safety by helping avoid the crashes that cause injury and damage.”

What it means for car insurance

Along with its safety record for reducing accidents, AEB fitted as standard could mean a lower car insurance group – and ultimately a lower premium. 

In September 2014, Thatcham Research launched its ‘Stop the Crash’ campaign to promote the importance of AEB and encourage more car manufacturers to fit the technology as standard.

It’s something MORE THAN are fully getting behind, offering both new and existing customers who own a car fitted with AEB a discount on their premium. 

Daniel Robinson, MORE THAN Head of Motor, said: “As a responsible insurer, we're committed to encouraging drivers to be safer on the road. We regularly see car accidents caused by late braking or braking without enough force and the impact can be devastating. 

“As this technology significantly reduces the likelihood of having a crash, we believe it is right to reward drivers who have it fitted in their car, which is why we're discounting their premiums.” 

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AEB discount does not apply to MORE THAN SMART WHEELS policies 

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First published 20/06/2012

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