Are you getting more than you pay for at the petrol pumps?

With record high prices at the petrol pumps, it’s understandable for British motorists to feel hard done by these days. But could you actually be getting more than you pay for at the petrol forecourt?

AA report on petrol prices and pumps

A new report by the motoring organisation AA has found that many petrol pumps in the UK are not dispensing the correct amount of petrol and diesel. However, this is not necessarily bad news for motorists.

Far from giving motorists too little fuel, many faulty petrol pumps are actually dispensing too much fuel. This is mainly because many petrol stations are still using older pumps that have yet to be upgraded.

The AA reports that this can equate to a 6p a litre gift for hard hit motorists.

Trading Standards officers examined petrol pumps around the UK and have reported problems in both Derby and Cumbria. Some petrol stations have not upgraded their fuel pumps, but they will have to by October 2016 to comply with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive.

Until that time you may find yourself pumping out more fuel than you've paid for.

Petrol prices and diesel prices in my area

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First published on 14/08/2015