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We sell a policy every two minutes ^

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Types of car insurance cover

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To be legal to drive in the UK you will need to have car insurance. There are three cover levels to choose from: Third party only, Third party, fire, and theft, and Comprehensive cover. At MORE THAN we only provide comprehensive cover, but this guide explains what these cover levels are while helping you understand which options may suit your driving needs.

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With a recent report stating that the average price paid for car insurance in 2020 fell to a five-year low, motorists can expect to get a great deal on their cover. So, make sure you get the price that suits you. At MORE THAN, to provide our customers with the best possible service, we now only offer fully comprehensive car insurance.

However, we also believe that our customers should be aware of all options that are open to them so that the choice they make is right for them.

Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive cover is the fullest cover you can buy (which is why it’s also known as fully comp). Comprehensive car insurance covers you for accidents whether you are at fault or not.

For example, if you were at fault for an accident, and you had third party, fire and theft cover, then you would be covered for damage to the other party and their vehicle or property. However, you would have to pay for repairs to your own car from your own pocket.

With comprehensive cover, you are covered for damage to the other party and their vehicle. You and your vehicle are also covered.

With MORE THAN it’s worth remembering that our comprehensive car insurance also includes courtesy car (excludes a write-off), windscreen cover, loss and theft of keys, and personal accident cover as standard.

Third party, fire, and theft cover

As the name suggests, Third party, fire, and theft covers you for damage to the other party, their vehicle or property. It also covers you for damage to your vehicle caused by fire or when your car has been stolen.

If you have an accident where you are at fault, then you will be covered for damage to the other car, its driver, and passengers. But if your vehicle sustains damage too, then the costs of repair will have to come out of your pocket.

Third party only cover

Third party only cover is the bare minimum car insurance you need to drive on UK roads. But as the name suggests, this lean form of insurance covers the third party, their vehicle or property only. You are not covered for theft, fire damage, or any damage sustained to your vehicle in an accident where you are at fault.

Black box or telematics car insurance

A black box is a telematics device, fitted out of sight in your car that records and sends data to your insurer about your driving style.

Sometimes, as in the case of SMART WHEELS young driver insurance, the telematics device helps to provide a driving score based on your usage which rewards good driving with discounts at renewal.

This is particularly useful for young people (aged 17 – 24) who want affordable ways to keep their insurance costs low while enjoying the fullest cover.

For LOW MILER low mileage insurance, its telematics device will only record how many miles you drive to ensure you keep within the mileage stated in your policy.

Importantly, black box or telematics insurance is not used to snoop on you. It’s there to ensure you drive within the limits that are set out in your car insurance policy, helping to keep your costs low and to ensure you get the car insurance that suits your needs.

Optional extras

To ensure you have the cover that suits your driving needs, you might want to enhance your insurance type with optional add-ons.

Breakdown cover

Breaking down in your car can happen when you least need it. Breakdown cover offers peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers will not be left stranded by the roadside or at home if your car malfunctions.

At MORE THAN our breakdown cover is offered by the RAC. So, you can be assured that if you have a breakdown help is on hand 24/7 with cover you can rely on.

Call the helpline on 0330 102 3621 and a mechanic will be out to help you on any UK roads. You’ll also get assistance if your car won’t start at home.

Plus, you can also enjoy peace of mind if you add European cover for holidays and road trips to up to forty countries in continental Europe.

Protect your No Claim Bonus discount

At MORE THAN we offer No Claim Bonus Protection to help you protect your no claim bonus years (NCB). This means that no matter how many times you make a claim with us, we won’t reduce your NCB.

You’d need to have four or more no claim bonus years to be eligible to claim for NCB Protection, and you must be the policyholder.

Having this doesn’t mean that your car insurance price won’t increase at renewal. However, it will still provide a discount to offset the overall cost of your insurance.

We have a simple guide that makes understanding your no claim bonus even easier.

Courtesy car

Being involved in any car accident is a stressful experience.

While we will do our best to process your claim as smoothly and as quickly as possible, our car insurance also provides other helpful features to make the experience less inconvenient.

That’s why we have courtesy car as standard on our comprehensive car insurance (excludes a write-off). So long as you use one of our recommended repairers, we’ll provide you with a courtesy car (usually a small hatchback) for the length of repairs to your car to help get you where you need to be after an accident.

You can also enhance your courtesy car cover with our Upgraded courtesy car cover. This provides you with a courtesy car for up to 14 days if your car is either stolen or written off, or if you decide to use your own repairers.

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