Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

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Comprehensive car insurance

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  • 24/7 emergency assistance - we'll never leave you stranded after an accident
  • No claim bonus protection*
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*Optional add-on. Subject to availability.

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What is fully comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive insurance (or 'fully comp') is the highest level of cover you can get for your car. It also covers you for damage caused to your vehicle, including accidents, theft, vandalism, damage caused by animals, fire, and natural disasters such as flooding.

You can also enhance your policy with add-ons for extra peace of mind, such as breakdown cover (Roadside assistance included with MORE THAN Extra) or legal assistance (included with MORE THAN Extra). 

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What comprehensive insurance does not cover

A fully comprehensive insurance policy does in certain circumstances cover you to drive another person’s car in an emergency situation. Confirmation of cover will be shown on your Motor Certificate. The general rule is that if you drive someone else’s car regularly, then you should be named on their policy.

For example, if a friend had an accident and they were unable to drive and you wanted to drive them to the hospital - you might be allowed if they give you permission and you meet certain criteria. However, if you have an accident en route, the level of cover is generally third party only. Clearly, there’s a lot to consider. So, it's best to check your policy document, schedule or certificate to be sure of your cover.

Why choose MORE THAN comprehensive car insurance

There are many reasons to choose our car insurance: three fully comprehensive levels of insurance, optional extras to enhance your cover, plus everything that's included as standard such as 24/7 emergency assistance after an accident.

Car insurance cover explained

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  • Excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of a claim. It is made up of compulsory and voluntary parts. Compulsory is the amount we set. Voluntary is the amount you choose. The excess you pay will depend on the type of claim you’re making
  • Breakdown cover - Emergency assistance to make your car roadworthy if it breaks down either at the scene or at a nearby garage. We have four levels of cover to meet your needs. (Roadside assistance included with MORE THAN Extra)
  • Legal cover - If you're involved in a car accident that isn't your fault, would you need help with the cost of legal services, for example, to seek compensation for personal injury, loss of wages, or paying for an unnecessary excess? (Included with MORE THAN Extra)
  • Wrong fuel cover - If you put the wrong fuel in your car, you'll be covered for damage to your engine. We can also drain and flush your tank too, to get you back on the road faster (excess applies. Not included with MORE THAN Essentials)
  • Uninsured driver promise - If you're involved in an accident with an identified uninsured driver that wasn't your fault, your No Claim bonus won't be affected (not included with MORE THAN Essentials)
  • Personal belongings - damaged or stolen we'll give you up to £250 to replace mobiles, bags etc (not included with MORE THAN Essentials)
  • Theft and loss of keys - if your car keys are lost or stolen, we'll cover the cost of replacement keys and locks up to £1,000 no matter what cover level you've chosen
  • Windscreen and window repair - we cover loss or damage to any part of your windows or windscreen of your car (or any courtesy car we supply) plus any scratches to the bodywork caused by the broken glass
    (excess applies)
  • Personal accident - providing a lump sum up to £5,000 if you or your partner were involved in a life-changing accident
  • Cover for audio equipment - In-car entertainment - we will cover music, phones, sat navs, and DVD players, that you've added to your car post-purchase
  • 24/7 emergency assistance - we'll never leave you stranded after an accident
  • Child car seat replacement - if you are in an accident, we will replace your child's car seat even if it doesn't look damaged
  • Courtesy car to keep you moving when yours is being repaired at one of our recommended repairers. Excludes a write-off. There is currently a nationwide shortage of courtesy cars. We will do our utmost to provide you with a vehicle in the event of an accident

How to save on your car insurance

When it comes to insurance, you’re in the driving seat. The more you know about insurance, the further your money will go. The factors that determine how much you pay for car insurance include but are not limited to:

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About your car
  • The type of car you own
  • Repair and labour costs
  • Cost when your car is new
  • Your car’s insurance group
  • Your annual mileage
About you
  • Your age
  • Your driving history
  • Additional drivers of the vehicle
  • The excess fee you agree
  • Whether you pay monthly or annually

Enhance your car insurance with these optional add-ons

Legal assistance and Roadside Assistance RAC breakdown cover are included as part of MORE THAN Extra. You can also add optional extras to any level of comprehensive cover as well as enhanced levels of breakdown cover to MORE THAN Extra.

Legal assistance plan

Take the worry out of unexpected legal issues. Add our plan which includes up to £100,000 legal expenses and representation cover.

No Claim Bonus Protection

Unlike some insurers, with our optional No Claim Bonus Protection we will not reduce your no claim bonus regardless how many claims you make!

RAC Breakdown cover

Breakdowns are stressful. They come at the worst times – leaving you stranded, and late for your day. So when your vehicle lets you down, it’s great to know you have breakdown cover which you can rely on.