Getting you back in business after a flood

Flooding, caused by a burst pipe or weather can significantly damage a business. MORE TH>N Business works with you to minimise the business impact before a loss occurs and after the initial impact, not only when it happens. The information below provides guidance on actions businesses can take before a flood occurs, as the flood happens and after the flood water has gone.

Before it happens

Continuity planning

We offer a number of planning consultancy services; including free online tools to help prepare for losses of all kinds, and ensure plans and procedures are in place to minimise business interruption.

Weather prediction

RSA uses Eurotempest data to monitor current weather conditions in detail by region to ensure we have the appropriate resources in the right location to respond to incidents of flooding.

Pro-active warning and advice

Using our Geomapping tool, we identify customers most likely to be affected by the weather, and contact you to offer advice and ensure appropriate readiness procedures are in place.

When it happens

Identify the initial impact

When damage has been identified, we’ll help you identify the initial impact to your business, ensure secondary damage is avoided and identify ways of getting up and running again as quickly as possible.

Assess the damage

Our in-house Loss Adjusters will visit to assess the damage and actions needed to dry out the property, restore equipment, replace stock, or strip out damaged contents.

Assess the impact

We will also assess the impact on ability to trade, and whether they need to relocate to alternative premises, or an urgent interim payment is needed to allow them to purchase replacement stock.

Appoint suppliers

We will appoint suppliers to start cleaning and drying, and where possible, restoring damaged stock/equipment.

Gather information

We will need some information from you, such as a copy of the lease, management accounts, order books or invoices for stock.

After it happens

Monitor the progress

As the drying process begins, we will review and monitor the progress to ensure it is achieving the desired result in the right time frame.

Scope the building repair

We will scope the building repair and arrange for builders to complete the work if required

Agree replacement

If any damage or loss has been incurred to stock, contents, machinery etc., we will agree replacement/repair as appropriate

Settle Business Interruption

We will review and settle Business Interruption or Loss of Rent claims as appropriate

Improve resilience

We don’t leave it at that. Now is the perfect time to review learnings and help improve resilience for future losses.

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(First published on 31/10/2014)

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