Coping with extreme weather

Ice, snow, wind or rain needn't be too problematic though with a little preparation and some forethought. We're committed to helping our customers so if you do need to make a claim don't hesitate to call our home claims team on 0330 100 7783.

Protect your home outside

Seal against the elements by inspecting and rectifying any potential problems before bad weather highlights them for you.
  • Check rooftiles are in place and not cracked
  • Make sure that guttering isn't blocked by leaves or moss and is undamaged
  • Securely fix your TV aerial so that it doesn't come loose in high winds

Prevent burst pipes

Frozen water can easily crack pipes and water tanks - which are usually in the loft - and can cause massive damage to your home. Here are some tips to help prevent frozen pipes.
  • Inspect and lag your pipes and taps. Look out for leaks, drips or any damage which could worsen
  • Insulate your loft and your water tank
  • Know where your stopcock is and make sure it's in good condition

Protect your home overnight and whilst you're away

Coming home or waking up to find your home is flooded during sub-zero temperatures can be an awful experience. Some quick tips can help prevent that stress.
  • Leave your heating running 24 hrs. so that the temperature doesn't drop below 5°C
  • Leave your loft hatch open if you have a water tank there
  • Turn your stopcock off and drain pipes by turning your taps on till they run dry. If there is no water in the system, it can't freeze
Ask a neighbour or someone you trust to check on your home regularly whilst you're away.

Be prepared for storms

Winds strong enough to cause damage to property are fairly rare in the UK. If a severe weather warning is issued in your area it is a good idea to take some precautions.
  • Check your chimney and roof for damage or missing tiles
  • Check loose branches or damaged trunks of trees on or near your property
  • Garden furniture and any other loose itema in your garden should be brought inside or tied down

Flood risk areas

As anyone who's spent time in the UK knows it rains, often. Too much rain means flooding. If you live in a flood risk area keep an eye on weather reports and keep up to date with The Environment Agency's Flood Warning website.
  • Keep all important documents (insurance documents, bank details and contact numbers) in a safe place away from flooding if possible
  • Be prepared to switch off gas and electricity supplies should water levels rise
  • Blocking doors and windows with sandbags or boards may halt flood water just enough. Find out where your local council are supplying these should a weather warning be issued

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