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Young man playing his guitar in front of a bay window
Are your belongings protected if it happens?

Share your 'it happens' moments, from DIY disasters to everyday accidents at home.

Wrap up your home security this Christmas

How to keep your home warm this winter

Heating bills and how to keep them down

Our top tips for a safe and tidy Christmas

Why you should never pour cooking fat down the drain

Keeping your home safe in winter

How to check your home for damp

Saving your home from winter damage

How much does it cost to run a home?

How to protect your garden in winter

Home is where the heart is…and your belongings too

Ten tips for deep cleaning your house

Tips for moving house with your pet

Protecting your home from floods

Top tips for managing building work in your home

Our top tips for buying a new home

How to help prevent a fire in your home

Don't be caught out - our advice for floods

Quick tips to make drilling easy at home

Read our top tips for moving home

How to keep your digital assets safe

Some tips for valuing your home contents

Read our five invaluable fire safety tips

Protecting your home from storms

The most common causes of roof leaks

The future of energy efficiency in the home

Escape of water hazards in the home

Don't move home without reading our checklist

Top ten tips for adding value to your home

A guide to smoke alarms in the home

Five steps to finding your new home

Get clued up with our property jargon buster

What should I do after a fire at my home?

Common fire hazards in the home

Online swap shops for unwanted goods

House plants that can purify the air in your home

Celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night safely

Top ten tips for summer home security

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