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How does the EU exit affect my car insurance?

We'd like to reassure you that the EU exit result will have no immediate impact on the services or insurance products we offer.

Am I covered for personal items in my car such as my mobile phone?

Your MORE TH>N Car Insurance policy includes cover for some personal effects in your car. 

Am I covered for windscreen or window damage?

If you have Comprehensive cover you're covered for damage to windows and glass sun-roofs too.

Is my caravan covered by my car policy?

Your caravan is not covered by your MORE TH>N Car Insurance policy but you can buy a MORE TH>N Caravan and Motorhome Insurance policy.

Do I have breakdown cover?

Breakdown Cover does not come as standard with your car policy but you can choose to add it on.

Driving someone else's car

You're covered to drive other cars not belonging to you on a third party basis only bases, providing you meet certain conditions.

Am I covered for driving abroad?

You are covered to drive abroad in certain countries, though the extent of your cover may be limited.

Cover when you're driving with children in your car

You are covered if you have a MORE TH>N Car Insurance policy and drive with children in your car, but there are a few exceptions.

What is the definition of social, domestic and pleasure, including commuting?

Social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P), including commuting is defined as commuting to and from a place of work on a working day as well as using your vehicle for domestic and pleasure uses.

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